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Welcome to the
NFOP 1001 Club

The 1001 Club is the NFOP Welfare Fund's own monthly lottery draw. You do not need to be a member of the NFOP to join the 1001 Club, anyone can play! 

Tickets are sold in blocks of 6 draws for £12 or 12 draws for £24 and are available by application with payment by cheque to the NFOP Welfare Fund.

50% of proceeds benefit the NFOP Welfare Fund with the remaining 50% making up the prize pot which is split across first, second and third prizes.

Winners are notified by post.

Monthly Prize Draw Winners


1st Prize: Mrs Mackay, Inverness, £107

2nd Prize: Mr Phillips, Colchester, £64.20

3rd Prize: Miss Garratt, Whitstable, £21.40


1st Prize: Ms Searle, Woking, £107.50

2nd Prize: Mr Stewart, Scarborough, £64.50

3rd Prize: Mr Walden, Suffolk, £21.50


1st Prize: Mrs Hindle, Leyland, £107

2nd Prize: Mr Shepherd, Hampshire, £64.20

3rd Prize: Mr McCall, Airdrie, £21.40

Happy Senior Couple
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