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Branch Information

Welcome to your new NFOP Website Branch Information Page.

The new website is a live evolving online portal.


We are currently in the process of auditing and loading all forms and documents used by branches and branch officers which very shortly you will be able to

access in a simpler and improved layout.

  Please bear with us while we move forward with this aspect of development and if you need any form or document urgently please just call Head Office on 01582 721652 and we will arrange copies to be sent to you by email or post.


Branches are autonomous and run voluntarily by fellow Members who take on officer positions to ensure that the branch operates effectively for the benefit of its members.

Branches arrange their own meetings and events, the full details of which are communicated on the branch notes written by a nominated officer of the branch and published on the reverse of the address sheet used to mail out the NFOP Magazine.


The latest branch notes are also available to read online.

To view the current list of regional NFOP branches and the associated branch notes

click your region below.

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