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Sunak and Starmer told to back older voters if they want to win election

26th May, 2024

The Express online reports that campaigners are calling on both major parties to promise a champion for older people in their general election manifestos.

Backing a Commissioner for Older People and Ageing would help parties win the “grey vote”, pressure groups say.

manifesto front page.jpg

The call was also included in the Later Life Ambitions manifesto launched in Parliament by Eurovision legend Sandie Shaw. The role would apply to England, with similar posts already in place in Wales and Northern Ireland. CLICK HERE to read the full Express article.

Sunday Express Quotes Later Life Ambitions member CSIS's General Secretary Sally Tsoukaris 

7th April 24, 2024

Jonathan Walker of The Sunday Express reported on 7th April that Rishi Sunak is attempting to head off a
revolt by older voters with a pledge that his
Government will always back pensioners. Jonathan Walker went on to say that he [Rishi Sunak]
 has been stung by claims he is alienating the over-65s with tax hikes.

Sally Tsoukaris, general secretary of theCivil Service Pensioners Alliance, a memberof pensioners’ campaign group Later LifeAmbitions, said: “Our members are increasinglyconcerned about talk of doing awaywith National Insurance, a policy that wouldessentially punish those that have workedand paid in all their lives but now face beingcaught by the dragnet of income tax...CLICK HERE to read more from Sally and the full Sunday Express article.

Hunt: We'll keep 'triple lock' on pension increases if we win election

March 24, 2024

Jeremy Hunt has said the Conservatives will keep the triple lock system to decide rises in the state pension if they win the election.

The chancellor confirmed the pledge, which means the pension rises in line with average earnings growth, inflation or 2.5% - whichever is highest.

He told Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg he was confident the "expensive" promise would be paid by growing the economy. You can hear exactly what the chancellor said by playing the BBC clip on the right and  read more from the BBC here.

The Sunday Express - Budget Warning
Later Life Ambitions Quoted

March 03, 2024

Impactful budget coverage appeared in the Sunday Express this weekend beginning with a front page warning to Jeremy Hunt and the Tories that they face a furious backlash from pensioners if they fail to cut income tax in the Budget this week, with Later Life Ambitions quoted as shaping the story.

Hitting the front page in the weekend before the Budget is already shaping the debate and will also be on the Chancellor’s radar given the influence of the Express on MPs, party members and ultimately Conservative voters.

Later Life Ambitions - Election Toolkit

February 19, 2024

Later Life Ambitions (LLA) is determined to ensure that the voice of people in later life is heard during this upcoming General Election. LLA will remain focused on campaigning to ensure that older people across the country can lead fulfilling lives. LLA want all candidates to help change the terms of the debate to focus on the ambitions and hopes for the future rather than the perceived ‘costs’ to the rest of society.


LLA have prepared a toolkit and video to support members in engaging with local candidates in the election which includes guidance on how to find out who your local candidates are, how to contact them and what to say. It has been designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to help everyone have their voice heard.

LLA Statement on the Digital Inclusion Bill

December 8, 2023

Later Life Ambitions are alarmed to hear of Government initiated proposals that potentially open the door to means testing of the state pension and other benefits. We are, of course, opposed to this.

Our collective membership, and all current and future pensioners, will be rightly concerned by legislative amendments to the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, which gives the Government access to pensioners’ bank accounts.


Whilst the DWP have sought to deny that changes to the universal nature of the state pension was the motive for these unprecedented data protection changes, we urge Ministers to put a statement on the record to this effect and properly explain why pensioners’ bank accounts are to be scrutinised in such a way. 


We’re pleased that Sir Stephen Timms MP, Chair of the influential Commons Work and Pensions Committee, has identified the risks posed by these policies and has spoken out publicly. 


It’s important to note that the Bill still needs to pass through the scrutiny of the House of Lords, so is not law yet. We urge Peers to review these amendments and revise the legislation when they have the opportunity and protect pensioners rights. We also call on MPs to ask Ministers directly what is the purpose of these changes through parliamentary questions and to insist they properly and straightforwardly debate issues around pensions as we approach a general election in 2024.


It’s clear that those in later life now and in the future deserve honesty, transparency and fairness. Ministers should provide assurances immediately on this vital issue and we will continue to call for politicians of all parties to consider the vital importance of the views of people in later life in all their policy decisions and manifestos going forward.

Screenshot 2023-11-23 152412.png
State Pension Increases by 8.5% from April 24

November 23, 2023

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt unveiled his Autumn Statement 2023 in the House of Commons yesterday setting out the government's tax and spending plans for the year ahead which included an 8.5% increase to the state pension, in line with the triple lock. To view the full autumn statement just click the image on the left.

Pensioners' Manifesto Launched In Westminster

November 21, 2023

Without a single, authoritative voice to speak up and advocate for older people, the issues faced in later life can easily be ignored or simply overlooked by decision-makers. Older people in England and Scotland need a commissioner.


Later Life Ambitions (LLA) brings together the collective voices of over a quarter of a million pensioners through the NFOP, Civil Service Pensioners Alliance (CSPA) and National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO).

The Pensioners' Manifesto, written by LLA, NFOP, CSPA and NARPO, lays out our vision for a better deal for older people and was formally launched in Westminster on November 21, 2023, at a very well-supported event in the Thames Pavilion. The launch was opened by The Right Honourable Sir Stephen Timms MP, Chair of the Work & Pensions Select Committee and featured a host of passionate and influential guest speakers including Sammy Wilson MP, DUP Spokesperson on Work & Pensions, Claire Hanna MP, SDLP Belfast South, Gill Furniss MP, Shadow Pensions Minister, David Linden MP, SNP Westminster Spokesperson on Social Justice and our celebrity ambassador Sandie Shaw.

If you would like a printed copy of the Pensioners' Manifesto please email your request to or call us on 01582 721652

timms GCW_1360.jpg

Sir Stephen Timms MP

claire hannaGCW_1534.jpg

Claire Hanna MP

sandi s ERV_3895.jpg

Sandie Shaw

ed rp gERV_3851.jpg

Richard Pollock, Eamonn Donaghy - NFOP, Gaynor Garton - Square7 Media

paul eamon steve ERV_3804.jpg

Steve Turner EC, Paul Hands EC Chair & Eamonn Donaghy CEO - NFOP

david linden GCW_1513.jpg

David Linden MP

sam 2 GCW_1414.jpg

Sammy Wilson MP

gill f GCW_1458.jpg

Gill Furniss MP

the room ERV_3882.jpg

The Thames Pavillion


November 19, 2023

Pop Icon Sandie Shaw & NFOP CEO Eamonn Donaghy Remind Politicians Triple Lock Is Key


Pop icon Sandie Shaw is helping launch the 'pensioners manifesto' in Westminster this Tuesday 21st November as reported in the Sunday Express. ' This manifesto makes clear that older people don't just have ambitions to live full and fulfilling lives but we stand ready to contribute to society, the economy and the country in general' the star said.  Eamonn Donaghy said 'keeping the triple lock is the key to victory at the next election' ... read the Sunday Express article here  and here 

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