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Building Back Better Plan for Health and Social Care Published

The Government has published the plan for Health and Social Care 'Building Back Better'.

In his introduction, Prime Minister Boris Johnson states that 'we must address the challenges in adult social care' and the pursuance of 'supporting the NHS, reforming adult social care and creating a new integrated system between health and social care focussed on improving outcomes for our people'.

He goes on to state the Government plans will:

- provide significant new investment.
- bring the health and the social care systems more closely together.
- protect individuals and families against unpredictable and potentially catastrophic
care costs – so that from October 2023, no eligible person starting adult social care will have to pay more than £86,000 for personal care over their lifetime.
- recognise the extraordinary contribution that health and social care staff made in helping the country through the pandemic – in part by making sure that they have the support
that they need.

The full plan can be read on the Government website at the following link: Building Back Better Plan