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Distribution of Courier to Royal Mail Pensioners - UPDATE

In my report to Conference 2019 I mentioned that the Cabinet Office / Capita had decided to no longer facilitate the distribution of Royal Mail’s Courier magazine to RMSPS pensioners. Pensioners were not advised of, or consulted on, the decision. Once the facts were established discussions were started with Royal Mail to find an acceptable solution.

I am now pleased to be able to give a positive update on this matter.

Firstly, Royal Mail has put in place arrangements that will enable RMSPS pensioners to begin receiving a copy of Courier once again. Members already receiving Courier because of their Royal Mail Pension Plan pension have continued to receive their monthly copy and were unaffected by the Cabinet Office / Capita decision.

Secondly, Royal Mail has just announced some changes to the frequency and format of the Courier magazine. The September issue that previously landed at home addresses is to be the last in its current format. Courier will now be a quarterly magazine, increased in size to 44 pages. The first issue is due to land at homes in the early part of December. There will be no October issue this year. The distribution will be handled by Royal Mail’s publishing partner company, Linney, who are based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

How to get your copy of Courier

If you were affected by the Cabinet Office / Capita decision all you need to do is provide Royal Mail’s publishing partner company, Linney, with your name and address by emailing: courier@linney.com This email address is up and running now, and once details are registered the subscription will start from the next edition of Courier.

Subscription is, of course, free and signing up is now completely unrelated to the pension arrangements with Cabinet Office / Capita. Subscribers’ personal data will be securely held by Linney, for the purposes of managing Courier subscriptions only and will not be shared with Royal Mail Group.

Because of the current coronavirus crisis, Linney is currently unable to handle applications by telephone and letter.

If you do not have access to email you will need to ask a family member, friend or neighbour to apply on your behalf.

Please do not telephone or write to the NFOP office as the office will be unable to help.

We would like to once again thank Royal Mail for the work it has done to restore this important service to the many members who value it.

John Hearn
NFOP Nominee RMSPS Governance Group