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Later Life Ambitions supports Age UK’s Crisis in Care Campaign

Later Life Ambitions supports Age UK’s ‘Penny the Piggy Bank’ campaign to draw attention to the crisis in adult social care. The campaign aims to highlight the savings that could be made by properly funding social care.

A lack of sufficient funding means that older people are being kept in hospital longer than necessary. As well as being a considerable stress on older people and their families, this is a significant drain on NHS resources. According to Age UK, these delayed discharges cost the NHS £500 every minute.

We have long called for the better integration of health and social care services to relieve pressure on the NHS and improve hospital discharge rates. This integration can only be achieved if there are the necessary social care services in place to support people in their homes and communities, and this requires proper, long-term funding.

Working with our allies in the sector, Later Life Ambitions will continue to champion better funding for adult social care. This is particularly important ahead of the Social Care Green Paper, which is expected later this year.

Penny the Piggy Bank will be touring the UK over the coming months to raise awareness of the care crisis, and will be appearing at CSPA’s Annual General Meeting in October. You can follow her progress on Twitter by using the hashtag #whereispenny.