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BT Pension Scheme - Marital Status Survey by Lexis Nexis

NFOP are aware that Lexis Nexis are undertaking a survey on marital status for BT Pension Scheme. If you receive a letter from Lexis Nexis asking you to update your member data via the link quoted in your letter or complete an enclosed questionnaire and return in a pre-paid envelope, this is a legitimate letter and not a scam. The letter should state specific login details for you including a URN and Security Key code.

Unfortunately, we are not involved in this mailing and cannot provide further assistance.

If you are having problems with the online version please complete the hardcopy instead. If you have mislaid the return envelope, please send your completed survey to BT Pension Scheme, PO Box 1113, Cardiff, CF11 1UJ.

If you are finding that the link isn't working, please make sure that you are typing it into the url bar at the top of the screen and not a search engine bar like Google.