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Remembering the member
NFOP’s focus is on the pension scheme member. Deferred members and pensioner members are still part of the scheme and should be looked after as much as existing employees are. Watch our video below:

Working with Pension Schemes and their Members
Members of NFOP come from a variety of pension schemes. Due to its history the majority are from BT, Royal Mail, and British Steel with the recent addition of Kingfisher as well as a number of smaller pension schemes. Members are from a variety of industry backgrounds including manufacturing, education, health, retail, and councils.

NFOP membership is a cost effective alternative to a schemes welfare service or as an addition to a retirement package. It can present Trustees with the ability to provide their scheme members with support post-work whilst reducing their own level of risk.

There is a sliding scale of commitment and cost associated with any collaboration with NFOP from making scheme members aware of NFOP by including its literature with a scheme communication, to enrolling scheme pensioners into NFOP as part of their retirement package, either en masse or on a rolling basis.

The level of offering can be tailored around the needs of the scheme ensuring the best solution based on need and, of course, budget.

For more information about NFOPs collaboration with pension schemes please request our corporate brochure.

If you would like to discuss anything in the brochure or how NFOP could fit into your schemes retirement offering please call Headquarters on 01582 721652 or email your interest to

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